DJ Jazzy Jeff Rips Apart Run DMC’s “Peter Piper” Live

441 thoughts on “DJ Jazzy Jeff Rips Apart Run DMC’s “Peter Piper” Live”

  1. what? not another peter piper routine. well hang on, crate kings know their stuff……..DAAAAAAMN!!!!

  2. DAMN GOOD POST !I told you dj jazzy jeff ! Thanks Semanic. Yo did you cats check out who was on the mic. Virginia”s own Mad Skillz ! Being that im from V.A. I had to point that out.

  3. Yo…..since the mid-Eighties, every DJ has put their mark on this jaun. I did not think it was even possible for me to enjoy it being cut up any more, but Jeff just took it to a level I ain’t seen in LOOOONG TIME!!!! I’ve cut up records with some of the best of ’em, but that routine gave me chills. Long life the king! Only Philly could produce that kind of a jock….rock on Jeff!

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