dj green lantern

DJ Green Lantern: From Producer To DJ

DJ Green Lantern talks about his evolution from producer to DJ and using mixtapes to build a his reputation.  In part 2 of the interview Green Lantern discusses his preference for software production tools after running down a chronological list of past samplers: Casio FZ-1, Ensoniq ASR-X, Akai MPC4000, Propellerhead Reason, and Logic.

Part 2 after the break!

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DJ Green Lantern MPC vs ASR-10

Part 3 of “21 Questions” with DJ Green Lantern features the DJ/producer comparing the ASR-10 vs the MPC. I did have a 3000 for a minute and I had a 4000 for about 4 years.  So I gotta go with MPC, and not because I need the pads, which is what everybody says.  I really … Read more

Laptop Logic w/ DJ Green Lantern

Just in case you didn’t get enough of Chad playing with Logic’s ES1 Sampler, DJ Green Lantern further shows what can be accomplished using only a laptop.

Hip Hop All Star Mobile Game w/ DJ Green Lantern (Trailer)

With all of the hype surrounding DJ Hero and Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, we knew that it would only be a matter of time before mobile carriers began to jump into the DJ game genre as well.  Although Hip Hop All Star features an endorsement from DJ Green Lantern and music from such notables as … Read more