Count Bass D

Count Bass D Tackles The Akai MPC

While in town for a screening of the Secondhand Sureshots, Count Bass D became inspired enough to take a borrowed MPC home overnight and create a collection of beats played live in the Dublab offices. Notables include a full jagged chop and flip of H-Town’s "Knockin’ Da Boots" and The System’s "Don’t Disturb This Groove". … Read more

Robbed Without A Pistol – Count Bass D Instrumentals (Download)

Producer extraordinaire Count Bass D hits us with a collection of hand made instrumentals in support of his release L7 (Mid-Life Crisis) on 1320 Records. "Everyone can not afford to purchase music in these days & times so here is my gift to all those people." Support L7 (Mid-Life Crisis) when it drops October, 2008. … Read more

Count Bass D Interview: STS9, Live Instrumentation, And Sampling

Cosign drops an interview with prolific artist/producer Count Bass D as he talks about about working with STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9), their upcoming live album entitled "L7", and touches on past production techniques using the TR-808 drum machine and using only vinyl.  Count Bass D even goes so far to express guilt over the … Read more