Bangladesh Rips “A Milli” Co-Producer Cha-Lo

Mr. Bangladesh gives a quick rundown of his discography then proceeds to ruthlessly tear into "A Milli" co-producer Cha-Lo for some of the controversy surrounding the track’s creation. For obvious reasons, it’s difficult to tell whether some of the more ridiculous, ego-filled comments are actually Bangladesh’s outlook on the world or just a chemically induced … Read more

Bangladesh Revokes Tracks From Lazy Rappers

Another interview with Bangladesh… this time he talks about initially linking up with Ludacris, making of A-Milli, and revoking tracks from lazy artists with no hustle.  There’s also a fairly lengthly discussion about the fact that A-Milli had no hook and original version of the song where Cory Gunz was removed from the track.

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Bangladesh Billboard Q&A: From Barber To Beatsmith

Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford just can’t stay out of production related news nowadays… this time he speaks on the journey from being a barber to making beats, his creative style, and networking with Ludacris.  Of course, there are the obligatory "A Milli" comments and talk of upcoming projects. Read the complete Q&A

Bangladesh Tells How Lil Wayne Obtained “A Milli” Beat

"A Milli" producer Shondre "Bangladesh" Crawford talks about working with Lil Wayne, how the track made it into his hands through another artist, and feelings about the various remixes popping up.  In the second video he addresses the origin of his production name and ties to the country.

Bangladesh Interview: Beginner Equipment & Creative Process

Producer Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford (Ludacris, Petey Pablo, Ciara) quickly speaks on how he became involved in production, first equipment setup (MPC 2000 w/ $100 Casio keyboard), creative process, and the importance of keeping the A&R rep out of the studio. Read the complete interview