Bangladesh Tells How Lil Wayne Obtained “A Milli” Beat

"A Milli" producer Shondre "Bangladesh" Crawford talks about working with Lil Wayne, how the track made it into his hands through another artist, and feelings about the various remixes popping up.  In the second video he addresses the origin of his production name and ties to the country.

665 thoughts on “Bangladesh Tells How Lil Wayne Obtained “A Milli” Beat”

  1. braaaapz….dis beat iz sikkk faam. n i especially lyk it coz da name iz bangladesh. repin bangladesh all dae evry dae bang bang

  2. Too bad this guy did not even do the track for A Milli. The third credit on the record “C. Hester” actually did the beat and this guy yanked it from him and is now living a lie taking credit. I hope that Cha-lo guy gets the credit a noteriety he deserves, because if this is dude is “what’s hot” God help us.

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