Auto-Tune Explained w/ Nova Science Now

For those who missed the series premier of Nova Science Now, Neil deGrasse Tyson visits with Antares founder Dr. Harold Hildebrand to examine and explain the audio and scientific concepts behind modern pitch correction techniques and the current, pop-inspired use of Auto-Tune.

Auto-Tune Examined In Nova Science Now Season Premiere

Award winning astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Antares founder Dr. Harold Hildebrand will examine the scientific basis of Auto-Tune in the premier episode of Nova Science Now, which airs tonight on PBS.  Check your local listings and make sure your DVR is set for what promises to be a unique, informed discussion of Auto-Tune voice … Read more

Ron Browz Interview Auto-Tune + Pop Champagne Licensing

Ron Browz explains how and why he began using Auto-Tune in the creation of Pop Champagne, licensing agreements, and using MySpace for market testing. While it’s slightly interesting to hear about the licensing agreement for Pop Champagne, try not to let your brain bleed while listening to this one.  The segment concerning Auto-Tune is equivalent … Read more

T-Pain Talks Auto-Tune Haters And Pop Champagne Effect Misuse

T-Pain makes catchy songs, but are they any good?  The self proclaimed "ringleader of the game" discusses his initial use of Antares Auto-Tune and confesses,"It’s making me money so I ain’t got to stop."  He also talks about haters, Ron Browz’s misunderstanding of Auto-Tune, and the "T-Pain" effect. Here’s the question though… at what point … Read more