T-Pain Talks Auto-Tune Haters And Pop Champagne Effect Misuse

T-Pain makes catchy songs, but are they any good?  The self proclaimed "ringleader of the game" discusses his initial use of Antares Auto-Tune and confesses,"It’s making me money so I ain’t got to stop."  He also talks about haters, Ron Browz’s misunderstanding of Auto-Tune, and the "T-Pain" effect.

Here’s the question though… at what point do we bury the concept of "haters" and intelligently discuss T-Pain’s crutch use of Auto-Tune and the sheepish, groupthink mentality that’s become the norm for both Hip-Hop artists and fans?

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  1. All respect due to t-pain, But when the fuck are people going to stop claiming that roger troutman and teddy riley used auto tune!! the talk box and auto tune are not the same thing! i thought at least t-pain would know that. . .

  2. I agree, instruments are needed to create notes for the talkbox. Auto-tune just corrects the pitch of your voice.

    Heres how it goes down. T-pain is not the first and surely not the last person to use auto-tune. i don’t hate t-pain but i think theres a fine line between using an effect and relying on an effect. You don’t always use a wah-wah pedal with a guitar, all the time, right?

    Do your thing T-pain, just don’t do it all the time; Branch out more.

  3. @Benjamin – Agreed… while the defining characteristics of auto-tune and a talk box or vocoder are insignificant to the average person, you would expect the T-Pain to be clearer about the difference. Not to mention that there can be no comparison made to Roger Troutman or Teddy Riley… those are examples of true musicians.

    @Loop Analysis – GREAT POINT!!! Your wah-wah pedal perfectly describes the situation.

  4. yeah pop champagne is without a doubt the worst commercially released hip hop i’ve ever heard… it’s just funny when the part of the beat with the melodic background comes in and jim jones keeps on with the auto tune but it’s a completely unrelated key. i can’t believe nobody wanted to correct that… i mean… it’s already auto-tuned! why not fix the notes?

  5. I just listened to the Pop Champagne song on Youtube. I gotta say that’s the whackest music I’ve heard since I accidentally went to an amateur bluegrass competition a few months ago. Who could be satisfied with their work on something like that? “Yup, I think we got another winner here boys.”

    The trouble is, it is a winner, financially-speaking. It got me thinking about how a good song isn’t necessarily catchy, and vice versa. Seems to me like catchiness is more formulaic than straight goodness. Easier to make a catchy tune than one that will stand the test of time. It’s funny though, you’d think catchiness and goodness would be more related, but it seems that’s not necessarily so.

  6. See that’s the thing… In your eyes a simple catchy song may not be “good” enough. However I notice you are both a DJ and a producer. The reason I point that out is because unlike the vast majority who do not understand what goes into making music you do. This means that you will hear things you are impressed with that most people wont notice at all.

    At the end of the day music is art and with art there are no rights or wrongs only preferences. Who knows maybe the clueless music buying public actually are better judges than those in the know!

    • “At the end of the day music is art and with art there are no rights or wrongs only preferences”

      Quote for truth.
      “Who knows maybe the clueless music buying public actually are better judges than those in the know!”

      I wouldn’t count on it.

  7. Yeah talk boxes aren’t the same thing but the effect is similar and the first big name to do the robot voice with auto tune was cher so he still aint original.

  8. Just to bring in another subject…No one yell at me…

    T-pain reminds me of Lil’ Jon…

    I perfer Jon over Pain, but they were over using some things. Lil’ Jon’s qoutes, and T-pains autotune. No dis to Jon, his beats are crazy.

  9. i dont think cher was the first one i think the first one whas the one who invented the auto-tune and that is not cher belive me…

  10. All yall hating on ron brownz need to chill. I bet most of yall are white and dont go to clubs. Its a club song assholes, you play that in any club and it get the party hype.

  11. Just think tho, u americans only just hearin auto-tune in full flow this past 5/6 years, u come to england, put on any dance song and they all have auto-tune in it. i didnt even realise this til the other week, but i kno when the song came out!

  12. crazy d: Slow your roll homie. I’m not white, I DO club, and I probably either worked on or spun at least a quarter of the records you dance to. You don’t need my name. Read the credits (if you even BUY records).

    Browz should research his facts before arguing something he knows nothing about. As a musician, Pain should have known better. Auto Tune and a talkbox are NOT the same thing. A little Autotune in a song isn’t a bad thing…. sometimes it improves a record. When it becomes a CRUTCH, it’s time to rethink your place in the game. 5, 10 years from now, are you still going to be here? I will.

    Study your craft, step your game up, gentlemen.

  13. What I don’t get is the sudden explosion of the software/hardware, whichever version is being used. Much respect to the brotha, he figured out a way to exploit something to the point of making lots of money, but really? The first person to use auto-tune in this way was Cher, and it was actually used the right way– only in bits and pieces, not thru the WHOLE DAMNED SONG. For the longest time it was called the Cher effect, but now that the brainwashed radio listeners think that this is the only thing that makes a song good, it’s the T Pain effect? Yeah ok. Wanna impress me? Sing without auto-tune, use your real voice. Otherwise you just paid and played, rehashin the same old same old, and will never be a classic or have any longevity. All you debunkers out there, I’m not hatin, just tellin it like it is.

  14. autotune =wack can those people sing without autotune?no
    so its not natural wich make him not really a musician

    kool that girls and little kids like autotune

    but he claims to be gangsta and all that ,but i dont know any gangsta who pumps tpain out of their trunk lol

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