88 Keys

Chop Suey w/ 88-Keys: MPC3000 Sample Chopping

From sample to fully constructed beat, producer 88-Keys runs through a collection of vinyl then begins chopping on his trusty Akai MPC3000, which he’s owned since age 15. I purposely didn’t bring any of my old stuff, cuz I have new ears now.

Evidence Using 88-Keys’s Akai MPC3000

Evidence makes a guest appearance on 88-Keys’s MPC3000 during the Fresh Rhymes & Videotape Tour. On the Fresh Rhymes & Videotape Tour bus I brought my trusty (& never rusty… but sometimes ‘crusty’) Akai MPC 3000 (named “Raw Dawg”) with me to try & get it pop’n on the ’studio’ in our tour bus… We … Read more

88-Keys Record Digging In Toronto

It’s known that producer 88-Keys is big into this Polo collection, but it’s rumored that his vinyl collection is also pretty strong as well.  Here he travels to a Toronto record shop to get his fingers a little dusty and talk about his latest release The Death of Adam.

88 Keys Talks Production Early Days And Akai MPC 3000

88 Keys talks about his start selling records with John Carraro to producers such as Q-Tip and Pete Rock, working on the ASR-10 and  MPC 3000 sampler/sequencer, and interning at The Music Palace studios.  He also runs down a list of his favorite productions including works with Mos Def, Black Star, J-Live, Macy Gray, and … Read more