88-Keys Record Digging In Toronto

509 thoughts on “88-Keys Record Digging In Toronto”

  1. I think this is a good interview but the interviewer need to keep eye contact when 88 is talking. You cant be tuning your back on people in an interview. Big Ups 88 doe

  2. man you took the words right out of my mouth. that cat doing the interview was mad disrespectful. passin through without saying excuse me and diggin while he was talkin’ that was not cool.

  3. Agreed with rokwell and Forest. The interviewer looked in awe to be around all those records. He could have waited until the camera stopped to check out the records. A Pound to 88 Keys for the drop.

  4. That interviewer is such a lil bitch. He ain’t even into the records, he’s just mindlessly flipping though. And he talks a lot more than he should in an interview. Props to 88 tho.

  5. Word i was thinking the same thing. I knew that it was supposed be like just a relax session like they are just dig’n and talking. but maybe it should have been stated at the start, that they were just vibe’n, then it wouldn’t have looked so out of place.

    It started as a full out interview then with into something else. Could have been broke’n up a little bit more with dig’n, performance, interview.
    good look though. Pick’n up the ablum.
    Keep bang’n

  6. “Dude made a 911 call to the clinic!”

    lol, that interviewer was weird…very weird.

    his body language looked like he wanted to fight at some points…

  7. Give the guy a break, that’s just his nervous nature anyway. 88 Keys held it down though. It was funny cuz the way the interveiwer was just shufflin like crazy through the records..[88’s interior voice] You aint a producer, put that shit down.

  8. Damn, you guys pay way to much attention to the interviewer. They were just chillen’, lookin’ through some records and talking about the album, no biggie.

  9. I dont know that interviewer was working my nerves when i watched it.
    He really didnt have any patience/kinda stressed and didnt know how to behave when hes Not talking.
    Thats why he probably started digging through those records so fast. He didnt even look at the covers and couldnt even read the titles so fast.

    Thats enough about him though

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