SynthStation Now Available From Akai


Akai Professional has released SynthStation, an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app that delivers portable music production capabilities for on the go music making.

In addition to its MPC pads and mixer, SynthStation features three virtual-analog synthesizers, a sequencer, arpeggiator w/ preset patterns, effect, filters, a range of drum kits, and more.

See video of SynthStation in action or head over to Akai Pro for more info.

852 thoughts on “SynthStation Now Available From Akai”

  1. Im still not convinced this is going to be the “future” for producing music, where is the feedback of actually hitting pads or moving a fader? Maybe im just old fashioned lol

  2. they wanna update some of the OS on the mpcs instead doing crap like this !!
    sorry but this just grinds my gears !!!

  3. I only look at these posts to watch everybody gripe about how it’s not a hardware sampler from the 90’s and therefore it must be wack – lol

    so funny – it’s just a stupid little app to put on a phone, who cares, use it or don’t – it’s meant to mess around with when your on the bus or something, not revolutionize music production – like a digital version of having a harmonica in your pocket – if I had a Iphone, I’d throw it on there – you could make a beat when your sitting on the pooper and name it “the shit”

  4. yo Semantik…they payin you to to post stuff like this?? how is this related to real hip hop man?? I only want to see what I wanna see, why don’t you just post that?? 😉

  5. i’d dl this app and use it with my real mpc. i’d sample sounds right in the 2000xl and flip it. i’ve done it before with the minimoog v software demo. (not midi, but sampled) even tho it’s software, you can still keep it real. don’t believe me? peep me on youtube (Disko Dave) under Mack Momma. that’s samples mixed with software. i might just make a video with this new nobody said this is gonna change music production, it’s all about your creativity and how you can make the best of what u got. not everybody can afford the “real” shit. just my 2 cents. pz

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