Akai SynthStation for iPhone & iPad Sneak Peaks

341 thoughts on “Akai SynthStation for iPhone & iPad Sneak Peaks”

  1. i pad=homosexuality

    once again music is just gunna get shittyer because every yuppy in america is going to have a glass lifelesss MPC at their hands, and not know anything about a real gear, actual recording techniques, or music knowledge, self taught or not.

    and i pads! seriously get a computer and read a book. What else does an ipad have that they don’t, o wait i know a super shitty glossy screen that sucks ass! And the fact that you have to pay for all your media.

    • Shimmy it’s called evolution of digital music…you sound like one of those old ass out dated analog producers who can barely get a job, cuz he can’t keep up with today’s creative standards…And what are u worried about even though anyone can figure out an MPC or create a song doesn’t mean it will be good or great for that fact. The wanabees who still have no aesthetic natural talent are still gonna suck with an iPad MPC, and the greats are gonna great no matter what, even if all they got is an old school Casio…so get with the times…P.S. Analog is still awesome in my perspective, and I’m writting this message on my IPhone LOL…:) And we true to the game Producers who know our analog/digital techniques are always gonna prevail during the changing of times cuz of out aesthetic skills to do shit right from the beginning, if ya know what I mean…

      P.S. I hate those fucks that wait till post production to try and make their shit sound good, u get it right from the very start and it evolves into greatness…rambling….

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