Swizz Beatz Street Science Commercial/PSA

School supply manufacturer Street Science has recruited Swizz Beatz as a spokesperson in their series of commerciasl/PSA’s.  I’ve got much love and respect for Swizz as an artist, producer, and businessman, but…

Disturbing Thoughts:

  • I was under the impression that one of the main points of an education was to get away from "the streets" and any sort of "science" taking place there.
  • "A lot of people feel like they wasting time because they ain’t got no goals."

[via PHH via WooHaa]

773 thoughts on “Swizz Beatz Street Science Commercial/PSA”

  1. You gotta get that edumacation fa reals and read mad books yo, or else you aint gonna know how to be sayin shit right.

  2. dont be a hater. that video is the truth. the point of education is to better yourself and your surroundings, if that is the street, then so be it..running away doesn’t solve anything.

    goals are the key to life.

    big up to swiss. wise words from a wise man.

  3. @keith knocks
    What’s your definition of a hater? This atmosphere of people being afraid to speak against nonsense for fear of “hating” has got to stop. Not that we don’t respect Swizz, but is he the most appropriate spokesperson for education?

    Plus, the streets are nothing to glorify. People spend their entire lives working hard and getting an education to get and stay away from the streets. This is not running away.

    More breaking news about Swizz… didn’t report on the front page because we don’t want to revel in the misfortunes of others, but I think it further illustrates my point about carefully picking role models and spokespeople.


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