Sound Battle Royale Beat Battle (Toronto)


Sound Battle Royale is a 4-part live beat battle series. Any producer can enter, but only the truly talented can win it. Producers have 1 last chance to enter Sound Battle Royale, before the finals, which will take place in October. The winner of the Finals will receive $1500 and be crowned as Toronto best beatmaker.

Head over to Sound Battle Royale to enter the competition before the September 8th, 2010 deadline.

2,532 thoughts on “Sound Battle Royale Beat Battle (Toronto)”

  1. Biiiiiiiig this is my city t dot o dot!!!!!!!!! Toronto is a problem for producers! MoSS Marco Polo Frank Dukes ohh boy there’s too many. I’m def going to go and chek this out.

  2. I need to be out in Toronto….it seems like its poppin out there as far as beat battles. It seems like most of the battles out here in cali dont do cash prizes they just tell you to be thankful for the exposure or maybe there are and I dont know. When theres that much money at stake? you know its some serious shit.

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