Beat Swap Meet Footage f/ Dibia$e & Customized MPC’s

The Beat Swap Meet takes place every few months in LA’s Chinatown. The event features such attractions as producer showcases, live performances, records dealers, clothing vendors, b-boys, food, and drink.

Head over to Beat Swap Meet for info about the next event.

1,679 thoughts on “Beat Swap Meet Footage f/ Dibia$e & Customized MPC’s”

  1. Hey ClearBlue, I just moved out to LA from Queens myself. It’s bananas out here. They got this poppin off every few months apparantly, so swing thru sometime. You can always hit me up.

  2. Another great thing about the venue is they have a few big ass flat screens set up on the first floor. So while you are having a drink looking through vinyl you can also check out the game on the screen. Perfection!!

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