So So Def Internship Info + Ron Browz x JD In Studio Footage

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  1. LOL @ working for JD.

    percs include: photo ops with JJ, all the body spray you can use, and a chance to wear the so so def mascot costume.

  2. Good Looking out on the info on that Nikon D-90 I still got the D-50 & now I gotz to get the D-90 since I now see the results. Peace JD & I hope to work with U one day. Live long.NYC

  3. your boy said good look about something called a nixon and hopefully i’ll be working with JD in the future. Thats our difference I don’t hope I’ll be working with J.d i know I’ll be working with J.d and Ron keep jumping out them windows

  4. I would love to send JD Dupri lyrics called SENSES which I wrote.

    Is this possible? Which email address could I use?

  5. I am a singer since age 5. I have had my own band, opened for destiny’s child, won local competitions with major rewards vocal coached ashley david whose was once signed with prince, but i was missing something. I soon found out that GOD wanted me to produce. yes , produce. Now i sing/produce/write/engineer/vocal coach. I so want to break out and get this as a female entrepreneur with this sound i have.I have learned a lot about frequencies per instrument, i love protools. Im in love with mixing as i produce. and just to sit in my studio and write and sing to what i have created, i feel its now time for me to share. Do you have any advice for me as which route to go. I would like to find out about the internship , but i dont want to be in just one area. i want my own sound. As a black female who is feminine and can hang with some of these heavy hitters in houston, i want to find my own way. i know its coming. just need advice on where to look when you have what it takes but very few means to get there!!!! feedback is food for me. thanks!!!!

    > 21438 wellsford glen dr, Katy TX 77449
    >?Professional individual offering a solid background in warhousing and merchandeisng .
    >?Extensive experience within the manufacturing industries.
    >?Solid leadership background, with the ability to provide strategic direction for improved maintenance and
    >production efficiencies. Develop cohesive team structures and drive company visions into viable, realized goals.
    >?Comprehensive understanding of Federal and State Regulations with regard to safety operations and procedures,
    >as they apply to OSHA and ADA standards.
    >?Solid industry, equipment knowledge. Able to troubleshoot problems and offer
    >effective, workable solutions. Computer liierate .
    >DJ knowledge

    Underground rap listerner

    hip hop head rap is all i listen to

    Also a big fan of record company

    >9630 Telge Rd: Houston, TX 77095
    >Sonja Hurd 7133448181
    >Janitor at fire station clean floors and vacuum clean mirrors
    >Blow Mold Operator
    >Igloo Products, Katy, Texas 2005– 07
    >?Direct all departmental operations, including workforce, maintenance, production, and operations management..
    >?Lead team building program through the creation and coordination of team efforts, and produce collaborative
    >solutions requiring multiple specialized skills. Program has successfully reduced operational redundancies and
    >increased shift productivity by 45%.
    >?Team with engineers to produce effective solutions, including development of a new distillation process that
    >increased productivity by 10% and improved overall efficiency.
    >WORKING ROBOTS, Any City, State 2007-2008
    >.?Monitored and ensured compliance to DOT regulations.
    >?Managed customer service in the delivery of expedited overnight parcels and materials.
    >?Worked closely with field operators to identify and direct efforts in the location of mechanical problems,
    >providing timely, cost-effective solutions.
    >Cypress Springs High

  7. can i send u a couple of tracks i produced ? i really been trying to get into the business a long time. I pray that someone will give me a chance to be heard. I feel u are a honest guy that isnt trying to ripp anyone off. I sing , produce, and write, and i have 2 sons that are damn good rappers marvin ( blaq) shankle 817 323-7122. i need your guidance J.D please.

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