Ski Beatz On Soulja Boy & The State of Hip-Hop

19 thoughts on “Ski Beatz On Soulja Boy & The State of Hip-Hop”

  1. i agree with ski …i’m not really into Soulja boy, but let the kid do his thing. personally i think its kinda funny how cats like diplo (respect due, of course) go looking for weird street music, but soulja boy is dismissed. really, like it or not, souljia boy is Atlanta street music at the truest level. he represents more of an underground current than a lot of these so called underground cats if you really look into it: he got famous because he created a buzz for himself with weird videos on youtube of him dancing in his mom’s house and with songs like “shoot out”. I am sort of a golden era cat, but I took the time recently to look at Souljia boy’s old videos..i realized this dude made weird call and response (true to the tradition of the south) music, and like it or not, this is what the kids like – and kids shape culture. it does not please my ears, but i can’t dismiss how interesting and valid it is.

  2. why not just stop posting about this b*tch ass kid? why is he popular? because media create buzz about him. stop posting, writing, showing this soulja b*tch and tomorrow noone will know who he is.

  3. groovy I agree with you. I don’t take this kid seriously. I don’t consider him a real artist. So his popularity doesn’t bother me. He’s a joke!

  4. Man why everybody keep messing with that kid, I dont leasten to him, but my daughter do, and she is 15 years old, let them kids have their music. So let them kids do them, and we just keep doing us.

  5. Why would you take it to a personal level and call the guy a bitch? What has he done to you to warrant that label? I mean, say his music is crap (I agree), but why take it there? It is so weak to do that. I don’t like Pearl Jam, but I wouldn’t call Eddie Vedder a bitch. Plus, if you want this dude to dissapear so badly, why don’t you APPEAR? This is guy is partially responsible for his own fame – he grinded and hustled his way to the top. That right there is way less bitch than calling someone a bitch cause you don’t like their music. He may be a joke to you guys, but theres a million kids in Atlanta, and others all round the states, that would disagree with you, and they are having a lot of fun dancing and listening to this guys tunes while you insult him personally on a web site.

  6. by the way, he is popular cause he created a buzz fo himself through his own media – check youtube.

  7. I must agree with Ice T 100%… SOulja Boy’s is insignificant when it comes to the essence of hip hop…. he is a shame to the rap game… and his super man shuffle is very gay and lame… i would not pat one red cent for any of his dumb albums THE END

  8. whatever he talkin. its the music idustry that created this weak ass current music trends. its an industry that created a soulja boy. when labels can pay their way into the pockets of radios and djs. thats what created soulja boys! its not the “natural progress of music”.how the funk is the maass population to hear the alternates; when them bigg boys are payin to have it heard? whatever that dude is talkin bout. he aint been dope since the 1st camp lo piece. that dude needs to start sellin lil debbie snack cakes or summin. cuz his shit is all stale.

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