Jermaine Dupri Creates Tag Records Commercial Score

22 thoughts on “Jermaine Dupri Creates Tag Records Commercial Score”

  1. i know the reason janet jackson is messing around with durpi it’s because her career is on the line.jermaine into hip-hop and she’s trying to keep up with the younger kids.hey janet that’s right work him until you can’t work him anymore.turn him everyway but loose.blow in his ear,give him some of that old pussy and tell him what he want’s to hear.better yet blow on his you know what.we have talked about it many times before.that is the plan to jump in and run things in his recording company.good luck

  2. why would janet jackson do something so cold to durpi.just because he’s short and look’s like a little old man.but he don’t look to bad.from 1 to 10 i would give him a 4.janet if it’s not the beauty it has to be his recoring co. that’s how you work move.

  3. janet you can do better,you don’t need a man that bad or do you.there are alot of sexy men.why short stuff.thank god you are to old to have babies.ha ha ha.

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