Sha Money XL: Drum Lessons From Jam Master Jay

Part 2 of Sha Money XL’s interview with Grind Music Radio features the producer/manager talking about meeting and working with 50 Cent and learning about the importance of drums from Jam Master Jay. Sha Money XL also touches on the difference between working with artists as they rise in reputation and after they’ve become more established, then offers advice to aspiring producers.

See part 1 of the interview w/ Sha Money XL.

866 thoughts on “Sha Money XL: Drum Lessons From Jam Master Jay”

  1. That`s always been important. It makes the difference between a “Beatmaker” and a “Producer”. I`ve been hearing that all my life. Good inteview.

  2. i agree it helps to learn to play bass or keys, but don’t forget some of the illest hip hop ever was made with little concern for traditional music structure and frequencies (enter the wu-tang, cuban linx, liquid swords come to mind)

  3. dzoo your right. and anyone else think RZA became worse when he started learning instruments? LOL

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