Serato Studio Interview w/ J Rocc, Rhettmatic, Babu

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  1. Rane has converted soo many Dj`s it`s not even funny. I know Vestax is still in there ,but soo many dj`s have gone to Rane,not for just Serato,but for thier mixers. It`s mindblowing to me.

    • too true. i myself was a true vestax head with about 3-4 05 pro’s & an 07, but once i copped a rane i’ll prolly never go back unless i throw an innofader in there. nothing quite like the feel of a rane mixer. can’t really expain it, it just feels

  2. Serato killed DJ’ing …as DJ’s don’t actually play music anymore ….no one ever let’s a great tune ride.

    • i see what you’re sayin’, but as long as i’ve been djing (going on 17 years) i’ve rarely seen dj’s let the song ride all the way through unless they’re too lazy or don’t have a lot of “crates” (not mp3’s). now if you’re talking about playing short snippets of songs like slam mixing, then that’s been going on for years too. that’s like the roller coaster technique of djing when you get hype off something then get hit in the face with another one back to back. all serato does now is keep the floor cleaner cuz dj’s don’t have to throw records on the floor anymore. plus it’s easier to dig through your library now. but i really don’t see much change with the veteran dj’s. they do it the same as they did with vinyl. it’s the new jacks that’s killin’ me. i’m not even gonna get into that cuz i can go on forever. on another note, if you’re playing modern hip hop out in a club or something, it’ would be wack to play it the whole way through. 2 verses at most and keep it movin’ or it’ll be a long ass night..haha! but there ARE classics that’s mandatory to play at full length. my 2 cents

  3. Mac,

    At the same time, it’s a tremendous instrument that has allow in many ways for a DJ to get back into the mix at a hip-hop show.

    I mean, the ability to avoid the costs of specialized dub plates, etc. It has opened up the door for DJs to express themselves more than ever.

    Serato itself doesn’t dictate a deejay’s timing. So, I think you should blame the deejays themselves for that.

    In one way, it has further destroyed VINYL which may eventually really lead to the death of DJ’ing.


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