Illmind – Behind The Curtain Album w/ Audio Stems


Producer Illmind (50 Cent, Eminem, Little Brother, Redman, 2pac, Scarface) has announced the release of his first instrumental album entitle Behind The Curtain. As a bonus to all of the production minded listeners, the album will also make available all of the audio stems of the tracks in the first 1000 CD’s and through his Bandcamp page.

Illmind’s Behind The Curtain will be available on April 21st through Nature Sounds.

The purpose of the album is to showcase the love that I have for unique and innovative ways to put together beats. There are different techniques I’ve learned throughout the years, and I’m hoping production fans take notice! I know my fellow producers will have fun with the stems.

20 thoughts on “Illmind – Behind The Curtain Album w/ Audio Stems”

  1. wooooooow, this is pretty much a dream album right here…an inside look at how !llmind makes his tracks?? That’s pretty much priceless right there to me…

  2. I had no idea seperated tracks were also referred to as stems. Is this something new or am I totally out of the loop?

    • what? for real?? It wasn’t like that when I downloaded a couple days ago…if that’s for real, I’ll give you the stems I got for FREE just a matter of days ago…

  3. Does anyone know if there are any other rules besides only being able to use the stems? I know that this might sound stupid, but I’m curious. Are we allowed to EQ the sounds differently? Or just chop em’ up?

    I emailed !LLMIND about it but he might not respond in time, after all he’s probably busy working on projects to answer. No disrespect !LL…lol

    • Yeah, I wasn’t too sure on the EQing part either but I did it anyways. I just kind of took the approach that his song was a sample and I was gonna flip it like I would any other sample. Probably half of the submissions so far have done some sort of serious EQ work to the drums/synths/etc… and those ones are BY FAR the dopest of the bunch so I’d say it’s probably ok.

      Click my name to see how I flipped it…if you wanna hear the others you just have to find “naturesounds” on soundcloud and they have about 20 up there so far…

      • @Juiceboxjackson : Your shit is way better than mines. I feel like I didn’t spend enough time on my remix. You can kinda tell that the chops are off a bit. I like your shit though, it’s good. And this other dude “SoundMind” his shit is nice.

        I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna win, but I’d appreciate some constructive criticism on it. As well as all the other tracks that I plan on putting there in the future. I have close to 50 beats, but some aren’t full tracks yet.

        Good Luck Juice.

        • yeah, the soundmind one was pretty good but both Wizard’s and Poor C’s blew me away, particularly Poor C…he completely flipped the entire feel of the beat and did it sooooo freaking well…and the changeup!! WHOOOOOOOOOAAAA

          Some feedback for yours:

          – Whatever you did to the kick is DOPE…I really like the sound of it…
          – Some of the samples don’t mesh together very well, like they’re out of key, plus there wasn’t really a huge change from the original track
          – I think we both struggled from the same issue of being forced to use only the sounds from the OG track…there were things I would have liked to do different musically but I just couldn’t figure out how to in Maschine…like Wizard’s, I couldn’t figure out how he got those new bass notes from the existing samples

          Just keep at it though my man…I’ve been making beats for about 3 years now and alot of my growth has just come from listening to more and more music with a slowly trained ear for “what’s good”…it really is one of those things that takes time…most of us don’t have an ear like Munoz and can just make dope beats out of the womb!!

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