Serato Scratch Live 2.0 Released


You’ve been playing with the beta release long enough. Serato has announced the release of Scratch Live 2.0. The highly anticipated update delivers over a number of new features and improvements, including support for three decks with the Rane SL 3, Smart Crates, Serato Playlists, various library views, and new file management options.

Read the complete Serato Scratch Live 2.0 release notes then grab the free download here.

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  1. Is it just me or is the art of really, *ahem* really rubbing vinyl as a DJ almost lost it’s value? I dont hate Serato, but some of the Serato “dj’s I’ve witnessed in the club are diluting the game as we know it. This technology should be earned by those that really put in work to learn their craft.

    • Well that’s never going to happen. It’s simply too easy to carry around a laptop with a shit ton of music. But I am sick of spotting Serato vinyl in videos and live performances.

  2. If you use it to do things thats not possible with standard vinyl, then i think its dope…..

    i hear what your both saying tho.

    • Back then if you didn’t like how a particular track was setup. You were pretty much had to deal with what you had vinyl wise. Now these days if you don’t like how a particular track is setup you have the option to export the track to FC or Sonar. Re-edit the track the way you want it to be and export it back to your laptop. Need for “can I get this pressed?” ” Oh sorry we have a min order of 200 copies if you wish to get this pressed on vinyl”.

      If anyone has been deejaying long enough. You know how hard it was to get unwarped copies of Fab Five Freddy “Change the Beat” or Hashim

  3. I`ve been through the trenches with vinyl for years. I agree that a lot of these dj`s are dilluting the game,but I have been carrying crates for so long that I had to get Serato. You can`t deny it`s convenience. I still have my vinyl(matter of fact,you should have it as backup,serato can and will mess up on you). But as long as you have skill,it can be a god send.

  4. Just speaking on it from the perspective of an emcee whose DeeJay rocks real vinyl and Serato in our shows out of necessity. I think it’s a terrific technology that does add convenience for DeeJays in terms of lessening a crate load at parties and in our case, being able to rock our instrumentals (that aren’t on vinyl in some cases) just like any other record and maintain the ‘live’ aspect of a DeeJay in a Hip-Hop show.

    It’s far better than us performing off DATs or CDs with the DeeJay only having a limited control of the show’s music scape.

    I dig Serato for allow us to perform better sets than we were previously allowed to do.


  5. For those who are hating on Serato.. your wasting time.. How can you not see the benefits? Its a vinyl record.. same operation as a regular vinyl LP and as Martay mentioned, gives you access to your own music for live performance(beat juggling, scratching, transitions) and could save you TONS on purchasing battle LP’s when you could make an MP3 and throw it on your setup or however else you want to incorporate it into your live setup.

    Im not even a DJ this is just my .02

    • could save you TONS on purchasing battle LP’s you could make an MP3 and throw it on your setup or however else you want to incorporate it into your live setup.
      This is true as we are in a recession for real and I understand dj’s comments that have put in work lugging around crates of wax to and fro. I can feel a traveling dj not wanting to take that coveted rare vinyl to some club on the road were it could get stolen or whatever, but my concern is for vinyl overall. Why should record labels (or whats left of them) press vinyl if nobody (dj’s) will buy them? Records are gonna cost dough right? you cant download shoes or fitted’s and all the rest of that b.s but for cats to trade “laptop crates” is missing the point. The real is this, it’s about the hunt and not the ease in the score… kinda like pussy! Embrace the technology but preserve the culture!

  6. imho, there’s nothing particularly special about vinyl or any other particular medium for delivering audio for that matter. kool herc and grandmaster flash and all the original djs rocked vinyl and turntables because that’s the technology they had access to, and look what they did with it. i can only imagine what todays djs will come up with by applying the same ingenuity to todays technology.

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