Herbie Hancock Demos Alicia’s Keys In-Studio

Herbie Hancock sits down with Native Instruments engineer Annie Mincielli to demo the company’s latest product release, Alicia’s Keys. The musician and engineer preview a portion of the sound set, which was sampled directly from Alicia Keys’s own Yamaha ™ C3 Neo grand piano.

1,243 thoughts on “Herbie Hancock Demos Alicia’s Keys In-Studio”

  1. This is so dope. I have been saying for a while that her piano sounds really good. I need to get that plug-in soon.

  2. Herbie is still a cool muhfucka! Technology has gone so far to the point that you now have keyboards that are sampled by a certain artists sound. For the sake of arguing, I would chose Patrice Rushen over Alicia note-for-note any day! I know A Keys is fine as hell,but I’m just sayin’ “Before the Dawn?” exactomundo!

  3. Hey semantik,

    First great vid….i’ve ordered the a keys piano for kontakt. Just wondering tho, if you’ve heard anything about the KORG TR Rack. I’m looking for a hardware rack to compliment my KOMPLETE and M Phazes praised the shit out of it in an interview but I can’t find it even on the KORG site…I heard some of the sounds from synthtopia and it sounds legit. You heard anything?

  4. Never mind Alicias Keys id rather have Herbies Keys/Rhodes man! Native Instruments needs to get on that. Thanks for the vid Semantik.

  5. kontakt 2 and 3 sucks to me ! i would rather have fruity loops anyway i got a tr rack for sale forget waiting on a tr rack plugin !
    200 and its your you can pay me online !

    • Hah! He recorded his first album as a leader on Blue Note at the age of 22. He was in Miles’s quintet, as part of one of the greatest and most influential rhythm sections in jazz, by the age of 24. By the mid sixties, he had definitely made his mark not only on jazz piano vocabulary but on jazz harmony/theory as a whole. Obviously his music in the seventies at age 30+ was brilliant as well, but he was truly great and playing in his prime long before that (and is still a brilliant performer). Look up Coltrane’s story if you want inspiration from a late bloomer.

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