Scott Storch’s use of N Word on “Built Like Dat” Timbaland Diss

I have to admit that I’m really intriqued about the whole Scott Storch vs Timbaland beef. Not only are two great producers beefing over something really stupid, but one of them had the audacity to try to rhyme. One top of that, to add ever more fuel to the fire, Storch somehow decided it would be a good idea to have Nox use the N word as part of the song. Now here is where it gets interesting… Scott Storch did not use the word himself, but with this being his beef and rapper Nox speaking on his behalf, does this sort of infer that this is what he wanted to say? Anyway, here is the video, it’s a bit corny, but surprisingly features appearances by Fat Joe and Mike Epps. I really didn’t think anyone would want to get directly involved in this silly nonsense, but apparently I was wrong. It will be interesting to see if Timbaland will even bother to respond.

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