Producer Black Milk Making Beats

I’ve been seeing this cat around for a while now, but I must admit that I haven’t really taken the time to listen to hear what he was doing. Damn that was a big mistake! Black Milk is bringing production heat like I haven’t heard in a long while. His style reminds me of J Dilla and Kev Brown, but with a unique flare. Check it out as he instructs on the basics of rocking the MPC 2000 XL.

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  1. I always thought that there was waaaay to much hype surrounding Black Milk…I kinda still do (just speaking honestly. lol.). I just never seen any uniqueness in what he does. To me, his music sounded like majority of everything that’s already out there. But seeing this has given me an more of in-scope of what he does. Guess I wont be to hard on him now. lol.

  2. You absolute idiot! Get your head out of your arse! You can’t do what he does.
    Do you have any idea how difficult it is to engineer “THAT” sound! Have you not noticed that Hip-Hop was almost dead and this guys ideas and sound have just revitalised that missing element! Not only is Black Milk a great producer but he makes very complex chops sound very simple. The detroit sound is one of the most difficult to master. Actually listen to it! Listen to “Insane” on Popular Demand. Did you notice he has 2 different time signatures going at once. That was deliberate but he made it sound simple. You can literally switch the start points round in your head while the track is going and his rhyming off beat still sounds good! Popular demand does not sound like anything that’s already out if you listen to it but realise that cos of the uncreative shit that’s out here, he’s gotta pander to your’e ear. Listen to the interlude when he tells you “this is the kinda shit I really wanna make” – and gives you a sick beat which is totally unique and soulful. Learn a thing or two about producing, then about the business then, learn how to listen to music and stop the jealously and fucking up his shine.

  3. Remember what DRE said, “The detroit sound is one of the most difficult to master. Actually listen to it!”
    This is true… I’ve done it (as well as about 20-25 serious katz in THA “D” and surrounding area) If U katz really dig the DETROIT sound… U may want to peep my comments from here on out… This so-called sound is, well………….. in all honesty, accidental…. It goes against traditional convention. The sound can be compared to various aspects of turntablism in that, what you are hearing sounds more complex than what it actually takes to make it… Listen to a flare or crab….. Now learn how to do it (as if most of U didn’t know)….. now if U had to use one word to describe what U have learned (technically), what wud that word be??? I wud say ILLUSSION…. It’s easier to perform than it sounds… the so-called Detroit sound is the same way…. I am not a fortune-teller but I can let U know that there will be a glut of this sound dropping very soon (all over the place)… Why now? Isn’t it obvious? The pioneer, RABBI, MASTER and INNOVATOR has left us…. The Original “JAY DEE” (I refuse 2 call him Dilla, that’s what the people who just started bangin his stuff call him)… RESPECT TO HIS LEGACY… I give Jay credit 4 forcing me 2 polish my flow (cuz if U were makin beatz when FANTASTIC VOL.1 dropped; U probably started to M.C., just from intimidation… 🙂

    I WILL NOT PASS ON ANY OF THE 33 DEGREE STUFF BUT I WILL DROP A FEW JEWELS…. THE REST CAN AND SHUD BE FIGURED OUT BY U (ur stuff will bang more and u will appreciate it)….

    2days tip: Detroit sound 101 OPEN WITH UR SNARE INSTEAD OF UR KICK (actually that is a Large Pro/Premo/PeteRock/BOOM BAP technique but, if U are a real HEAD; U already know the production schools and who learned what from who) FOR WHAT EVER REASON… THE GROOVE IS CHANGED WHEN THIS IS DONE… I think that it\’s because of the imperfections of software/hardware metronomes or tracking. U can play the same beat (same note placement) but if you switch the snare and the kick the groove is different…. well gotta get back to work…. If U need financing 4 a home I AM THE MAN…. If U need the next generation/evolution of Neck-Break hip hop keep watch 4 “CNI-DAWGS” (and U’ll like too) …..


  4. 33 degree stuff, Nugga didn’t drop no jewels, just shouting out his crew. Put the snare first, whatever nugga… Black’s got the sickest kiks ever. Explain that technique numb nuts? Premo never had Kiks like that. Only other who did?
    Dilla… R.I.P G.O.A.T

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