Rich Kidd, Frank Dukes, and MoSS @ Marco Polo Showcase

Do you remember previous announcements for Marco Polo’s Stupendous Beat Showcase? Well, here’s a little footage of the event courtesy of The Real Frequency.

Never mind the host’s pitiful description of the significance of “Summer Breeze”, Frank Dukes still ripped the Seals & Crofts sample while Marco Polo reworked Al B. Sure’s “Night and Day”, MoSS finagled The Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive”, and Rich Kidd gave new life to Melanie Fiona’s “It Kills Me.”

276 thoughts on “Rich Kidd, Frank Dukes, and MoSS @ Marco Polo Showcase”

  1. “Never mind the host’s pitiful description of the significance of “Summer Breeze”

    WORD! very fucking annoying host/mc. Kinda like a bitch. Also annoying was the broke man who goes by the name rich kid.

    Marco Polo was very dope with his beat and the dude with the MPC was dope too.

  2. Yeah, I wish that “Host” spoke less. lol, still dope though, I liked everybody’s track. Took a while for Moss’s track to get into its groove but it was cool. Funny, I rank them in the same order they were sitting, lol. From left to right 1-4

  3. Why comment when none of you are even as ill as ANY of the guys on stage?

    Toronto has the production game on LOCK right now…can’t deny that shit.

    If you do you are frontin HARDDDDDDDDDD.

    Have a good day.

    • Correction. Detroit has the production game on lock right now. Toronto ain’t that bad at all though…I understand what you’re saying. These guys are no slouches, not a single one of em.

      • Well the ‘D’ always gets love from Toronto without a doubt! Definitely alot more collabos in the future between both cities, that’s what I’m talkin about! …(or aboot if you live on the north side of the border).

  4. I think MoSS did the best job. It sounded more like he reinterpreted the Stayin’ Alive in a hip-hop context, rather than use samples from to make a beat. The end result sounded great to me.

    The host (Arcee) comes with a certain amount pedigree being a talented mc in his own right and the host of one of the dopest hip-hop radio shows you’ll ever hear (Mondays, 11:00 pm – 12:00 am EST,,

  5. Meant to say “It sounded more like MoSS reinterpreted Stayin’ Alive in a hip-hop context, rather than use samples from the song to make a new beat.”

  6. can the host STFU! Sheesh. Pedigree or not, you gotta know when to quit. Had to fast forward to get to the good part. Good music though.
    [Edit: Promotional links removed]

    • yeah, he was a bit much, but i had to let the people know he wasn’t just some yahoo they found of the street lol

      • Thanks, I appreciated the info. I thought he was some over zealous club promoter type. lol. Good to know there was a reason he was chosen.

        This event and showcases like these need to happen more! I love to see this. I dont necessarily want to see battles too much because they tend to breed more hate than if you just wanted to enjoy different producers music.

  7. I gotta give it too Moss hands down. He’s a dope producer with hard beats first and foremost; And NO I’m not from T-Dot, I’m from Cali (East Oakland). With this being a beat battle (with some stipulations) I give him the edge because that Bee Gees song is sooooo known and really hasn’t been flipped in a sample; Moss killed it. Wyclef and the Refugee Allstars did their thing in the 90’s but it was more or less just a loop of the original 70’s version (with the outfits to match) so I don’t count it. Furthermore he gets some points for being the only cat with hardware in the field. It looked like an MPC 2000xl but I realized the knobs are on the right side, and he was using his left hand on the left side. Great showcase overall!!

  8. lol at the haters, not rich kidd best work but that kid is a monster, if you not familiar check out his catalogue. he has done some of the best beats Drake ever spit on amongst many.

    Moss had this though, hands down.

  9. We have some hot production coming out of the T.Dot. I like what they all did with that sample. You all stop hating on Arcee, he hosts the best hip-hop radio show on the planet.

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