Raekwon, D. Dot, Sean C, Absolut Talk Beats In Studio

Raekwon, D. Dot, Sean C, and Absolut sit down in a recording studio to talk about some of the more esoteric aspects of production including the greatness of Havoc’s production, the art of picking beats, and the importance of timing involved in the completion of a song.

The song is bigger than the beat sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Raekwon, D. Dot, Sean C, Absolut Talk Beats In Studio”

  1. I really like this peek inside on some real Hip Hop shit. Sure i s reassurin’ to see people like Rae and them sayin’ the same shit you stress to your own peeps ya know.

  2. I like how they just sit down talking hip hop raw unedited. To be real I haven’t got to listen to too much Havoc production but anyone got some of his heat lemme know.

    Raek, I’m 19 years old I’m still discovering ya shit forgive me lol.

    Do ya thing Grind Music


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