Pro Tools Expansion Pack Announced By Avid


Today Avid announced its Pro Tools Expansion Pack, a collections of virtual instruments including Structure, Strike, Velvet, Transfuser, and Hybrid.  The complete pack is available for $499 and features the below instruments.

  • Structure – Professional Sampler Workstation
  • Strike – The Ultimate Virtual Drummer
  • Velvet – Vintage Electric Pianos
  • Transfuser – The Ultimate Groove Creator
  • Hybrid – High-definition Synthesizer

Visit Digidesign for complete details about the Pro Tools Expansion Pack.

1,266 thoughts on “Pro Tools Expansion Pack Announced By Avid”

  1. I’m tired of Digidesign. They give you NOTHING when you buy Pro Tools! Logic is $500 and comes with tons more plug-ins and instruments. Between Logic & Ableton, Digidesign better start rethinking their sales strategies. It’s not like it used to be when Pro Tools was THE go-to DAW for recording. Those days have passed, my friend.

  2. …and don’t even get me started on the whole Pro Tools being tethered to Digi/Avid hardware thing. “Let’s sell people a $250 thumb-drive so they can mix – but don’t let them record!” This is the type of thinking & marketing that has caused so many to switch to other platforms.

    • Whatchu mean fam? If you wanna be cheap you can get Pro Tools 8 M-Powered if you have the $120 M-Audio interface and voila. Or Jus get the LE for 400-600 and you’ll have even more ins and outs plus the digidesign plug ins that come in house. Mine bangs crazy wit no problems and all I got is M-Powered. I wanna move up to Digi rack tho.

      Also I don’t hate on Logic cuz it’s phukkin niiiiiiiiiice lol. But Pro Tools wit the Console? Whole nutha world of mixing my dude….

      You are right tho. Digidesign needs to come down on the price or offer more bundled in cuz they gettin they ass kicked in that department. I kno people puttin away all the hardware and sampling str8 into Logic and shyt lol…and Logic is multi-platform now (PC&Mac) so that means more will be makin the switch….

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