PPP Producer Waajeed Says Ghost Producing Is Great

Finally, an established producer openly admits to ghostproducing and financing a label through its revenues. 

Without specifcally naming names, PPP producer Waajeed says,  "Of course I do… I got tons of fans from ghost producing.  I’ll tell you one thing, underground records can’t afford this nice ass jacket I’ve got on, and this leather hat, and bills in general."

He goes further to compare ghost producing to the medical profession and the fashion industry and states, "I think it’s great."

4,037 thoughts on “PPP Producer Waajeed Says Ghost Producing Is Great”

  1. He justifies the fact that he can’t come up with hot shit himself. How wack is that. I hope this kind of attitude will die out along with these exploiters and dream suppressors. people actually take pride in their work in the future. This is the perfect example when you come to terms with yourself… “damn, i’m not the creator i thought i was so might as well utilize these youngins”
    fuckin selfish and emotionally manipulative people. fuck that shit and everything you fuckin stand for.. nothin but yourself

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