Numark ARC 3 CD Player Announced


Numark has announce the latest edition to their line of tabletop CD players for DJ’s.  The ARC 3 plays standard CDs as well as MP3-CDs and features including pitch, five-ince scratch wheel, two loop banks, and an onboard fader.

There has yet to be any mention of price, but the unit is being marketed as a "basis for an excellent starter-DJ setup… without breaking the bank or sacrificing professional features and feel."

See Numark for more info

1,068 thoughts on “Numark ARC 3 CD Player Announced”

  1. I hear ya. I happen to prefer a vinyl/serato solution, but it’s nice to have a standalone unit if that’s not you thing. No need to mess with software, comp crashes, or skipping needles.

  2. Can this support the Tascam TTM-1? If so, I might grab a couple and dump my c314s.

    I use two CD decks and a turntable. I don’t like being tied down to a computer. Scratch practice I do on the turntable; sampling I do off the turntable; listening while sitting around is done on the turntable . . . but mixes are burnt to CD-RWs and then erased when I’m done with them.

    I guess it sort of bothers me to be using a nice pair of turntables as a glorified MIDI controller as well. If you wanna do vinyl — go and do vinyl, but DVSs just seem like overcomplicating the process.

    You get a lot of effects right on your CD decks and sampling features — without adding more cables and controllers into your setup. I’m just not sold on the DVS thing yet, but not bashing it either.

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