Pete Rock On Meeting DJ Premier, Production Competition

10 thoughts on “Pete Rock On Meeting DJ Premier, Production Competition”

  1. Damn this gon be a HUGE year for PR… I cant wait to hear that CL Smooth joint and the Pete Rock vs. Premo album is gonna be CRAZYYYY.. I cant waittttt

  2. This was just before PR came onstage with CL for their London show on Sunday 12/12/2010. I was lucky enuf to get a ticket and they killed it. Smashed it into next year. Nice interview as well, the interviewer is mad keen.

  3. I didnt like the interviewer one bit with all his WHOOOAOAAOAOAOAOA and shit. Come on just chill man dont act like a fuckin groupie.

    • He’s far to excited and does sound like a groupie but i guess it must be hard to contain yourself in the presents of such a talent as PR.

  4. Wow, Pete Rock & Big Pooh?? Yeah, NC stand up to this!! That’s big right there!! Big stuff for Pete is coming up, YESSSSSSS!!! I want to thank Grap Luva, Pete’s younga soul brother because I asked him some time ago on his Youtube page if the god’s could bless us with some new CL/PR joints!! Even though he didn’t answer my post back directly, me & others had been asking about this. So maybe Grap mentioned this to Pete, who knows???!!! Maybe it was already in the works, nevertheless, I’m happy about it!! They are just a dynamic duo together!!! Don’t take this wrong & I’m not speaking ill of this, (much RESPECT) but maybe the passing of Guru had some impact too, meaning that life is short & why not bless the fans with a few more joints & (CL/PR) could sqwash those difference they had!!! Hey, it makes my day!!! Then the Premo vs. Pete Rock album??? CLASSIC!!! 2011 is going to be a big year for TRUE HIP HOP!!! I’ve been telling folks its coming back & I truly believe it is!!!

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