AraabMuzik Live @ Red Bull Big Tune 2010 Finals

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  1. Well, Arab pretty much jacked my whole style of standing up straight. I mean, what other reason would there be for him stand up straight? He definitely saw me standing up earlier at the studio and decided it was a good look.

  2. is this some kind of joke that I’m not getting?
    “Emperor’s new clothes” (google it if you don’t get it)
    People just follow hype these days instead of talent, few are bold enough to call it what it is: a nice gimmick at the first time around but after then it’s just monotonous noise.
    He need to stay off the milk and cookies Cam feeding him cos thats prolly why he spouting so much crap lately.

    • “Emperor’s new clothes” – haha, no doubt. you can hear people in the audience getting all psyched up as he ‘bangs’ (oh excuse me… rolls) louder and faster. it’s kinda like when someone who sings LOUD and LOUDER and people think they’re a great singer… “ooo…wow…”

  3. a gimmick at the first time around but after then it’s just monotonous noise.

    not my “music” . its more for tasteless youth.

  4. he`s not innovative. even within his perfomance he doesn`t even change the drum-patterns a lot. he`s hitting the pads nearly the same way every time i see him..just changing the sounds. his ego is way too big.

  5. Haha jacked his style… then I guess he jacked DJ shadow numark cut chemist anyone who has ever used and mpc on stage mantronik etc… dude got his head gassed

  6. If you own A MPC you should know his tricks well,it’s not rocket science.I won’t dog him out because he’s still young & needs to humble himself & rethink his status as a producer He set us or should I say himself back a bit with his arrogance enuff said!

  7. Anyone with a MPC and some rhytim in his bones can do the same thing probally better. How did he get the idea he is so special?

      • Im sorry but this isnt really special, you know what you should do? Stop trying to make beats with a mouse and actually practise hitting those pads that are probally stitting next you completly useless.

  8. I just read the threads before mine. All you haters are completely out of line. That shit is hard! Trying doing a set like that live, without any flaws, it’s like being a DJ and a Producer at the same time.

    You think you can do it? Post a vid on YouTube showing us how it’s done.

    • you have to know where the “hate” origionates. Its not that its not impressive that he can perform the way he does on the mp, its his super arrogant attitude about it. I had actually never heard him speak until that interview where he basically calls Kanye (And by proxy anybody who rocks an mpc on stage) a biter because he “started that”. LOL It sounds rediculous. Who is that clueless. Pay homage to real pioneers and establish yourself as a producer before you start calling people biters. Thats a heavy accusation to just toss around. He should be more careful.

  9. WTF?
    just because it’s hard to do doesn’t mean the beat is dope, the final product is mediocre wetther you like it or not. One doesn’t have to be able to do something to know when it’s wack. I ain’t a chef but I know when food tastes horrible ( doesn’t rerquire culinary skills)
    In the same vein most people who listen and appreciate “good music” (pun intended) don’t need to be producers.
    Dj Shadow (plus other examples mentioned above)is like being a producer and a DJ at the same time, not this pretender in the video.
    nuff said

  10. Go ahead turn the quantize off let me hear your patterns rolls and fills and do a 10 min set that sounds flawless timing wise.Some of dipsets biggest hits came off arabs beats.

    • I completely agree. Just cause he was talking without thinking about what he was saying everybody’s hating now more than ever.

      If it’s easy then put up some vids!!

    • Wait a minute. most of dipsets hits came from the Hitmakers and Just blaze. NONE of them came from Araab. I like araab though, dont get me confused with a detractor. I just had a hard time thinking of a Dipset HIT produced by Araab.

    • this is pure nut riding right here
      for real he jacked just blaze sound just off the pure fact that it sounds like the old dipset just blaze made dipset what it is
      he has no hit’s with them

  11. Imho I don’t think it’s his talent in question he has some accomplishments,but his attitude not even, his own words Shame him in not recognizing others before him. or maybe it’s a pub stunt Who knows! Dipset ain’t exactly at the top of the charts these days & I’m sure he practices his craft. it’s not hating on here SoulSide it’s a matter of public opinion ,If you broadcast yourself in the public’s eye expect to be ridiculed!especially if you don’t pay homage!

  12. some really retarded folks around here.
    If I go to see a movie in the the cinema and it turns out to be boring and I express my opinion you gonna ask me to go direct my own movie before I can criticise the movie? ni99uh please!
    Please get off Arab’s dong for a minute, wash his cum out of your eyes and try to see more clearly.
    He hated on Kanye cos he has a right to his opinion
    the majority here think he’s just average or plain wack and they also have a right to that opinion

  13. If you own a MPC ,you know about the tricks he used. Velocity plays a big part in his methods,but I will admit,his syncopation and speed is nice. I don`t think anybody can deny that he is good with finger drumming,but he has to know that he is not the only one.

  14. People actually fall for this stuff still? I could think of a million other things that would have been better for a live performance.

  15. hey, an actual live performance at a beat battle! he was actually pounding out beats instead of dancing to a CD! thanks for uploading semantik.

    also, i think this shit is dope. people should be free to hate on the music, but those saying it’s easy to do, i’d honestly love to see your videos as well.

  16. am i the only one here who thinks what hes doing is playground material? on that old ‘i can ride my bike faster than you!’ shit! i mean great you’ve learnt to play your mpc fast and thats cool and all but have you made a decent beat without a loop sample and generic drums? sampling is an art form you might as well not have an mpc if your timestretch is getting more use than the chopping features.. i dont know maybe im just getting old and grumpy lol.

  17. Okay….
    This dude’s MPC drumming skills are not really in question here, we get it, he is a very talented drummer, HOWEVER, it was wrong of him to say kanye jacked his style of using the MPC as an integral part of a performance considering it has been done many times before by many other artists. That is just a foolish comment, there are hundreds of videos of cats finger drumming for crowds.
    Further more, his drumming skills have very little to do with the quality of his productions. I doubt very many of you guys could tell the difference between him playing live vs. him programming each rolling 808 in and editing the velocities. Dope finger drumming does not always equal dope production.
    Once again, the dude is a good drummer, too bad he is a cocky motherfucker too….

    • Jeremy Ellis is a dope MUSICIAN, PRODUCER and DJ.

      I mean, ANYONE can tap on pads and especially if the pad(s) have phrase samples on ’em.. make it sound good.

      there’s a TON of cats who rock instruments… the MPC is just the “new” (i’m being sarcastic) URBAN instrument (being sarcastic here too).

  18. Is it me or did this midget run with SWIZZ BEATZ whole style. He didn’t just swagga jack Swizzy’s drum patterns but uploaded most of his “1Shots” and effects into his MPC… lol! How you play the piano and drums but have NO live instrumentation in ANY of your beatz???? You got Cool Beatz…. that about it! #KanyeShrug

    • Where are you at? This WAS Exile vs Aarab. Just poorly promoted or executed. See Exile at the end giving him dap?

  19. I actually know the story here. Apparently Duke (da God) and Aarab were hangin with Kanye not too long before that awards show. Aarab was showing ‘Ye some live MPC sh*t, and Kanye was buggin off it. Next thing you know, ‘Ye’s up there on that awards show doing that.
    Any of you producers on here imagine that happening to you…you’d be pissed and don’t deny it. Aarab is dope. I agree I don’t really like most of his stuff when it’s recorded, in the context of a song, but he’s doing a full performance with the MPC and that much has gotta be respected I think.
    He came out his face a little, sure, but put yourselves in his shoes when you see Kanye’s arrogant ass up there on stage and you know where he got that idea.

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