Pete Rock Explains His Entire Production Catalog


Over at Vibe producer Pete Rock breaks down the history of his career, album-by-album and track-by-track. From All Souled Out to Mecca & The Soul Brother and beyond, The Chocolate Boy Wonder reveals some little known facts about influences, progression of his music, missed chances, and lucky breaks.

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Notable Quotes:

I didn’t really start making beats until I was 13 or 14 years old.

As for ‘They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.),’ I realized the song was going to mean a lot to people when I got extremely emotional in the studio as I was making the beat and mixing the song down. The final mix made me cry because I had lost a close friend Trouble T-Roy, who was Troy Dixon one of the dancers for Heavy D & The Boyz. ‘Reminisce’ was a tribute to him.

There were other artists I was trying to get for Soul Survivor that didn’t happen. I never got the chance to work with LL Cool J. Then there was Jay-Z. I used to chase Jay around forever [laughs]. I used to hang out at certain sessions with Just Blaze at Baseline. We always wanted to work with each other, but it never happened until years later.

3 thoughts on “Pete Rock Explains His Entire Production Catalog”

  1. Pete Rock is that dude. I’m glad he stayed down and dirty in this game and remained true to himself first and foremost. Too many producers today try to follow trends and do what the last popular cat did to either get on, remain relevant or get relevant again. I’m happy to see/hear Pete get busy and show these youngsta’s a thang or three.

    Top 5 Pete Rock beats imo (In no order)

    1) Jamal “Fades Em All” Remix
    2) Black Star ft Black Thought “Respiration” Remix
    3) Grand Agent ft Pete Rock “This is What They Meant”
    4) T.R.O.Y Pete and CL Smooth (of course)
    5) Jim Jones prod. Pete Rock “G’z Up”

  2. Soul Brother #1!!!!!!!! My top 5:
    Pete and CL-TROY
    Pete and CL-For Pete’s Sake (a tutorial on layering loops. I dare anyone to count ALL the loops and basslines in that joint.
    PE-Shut ‘Em Down remix (soundtrack to a war)
    Pete and CL-Carmel Ctiy (those drums, damn, those drums)
    Pete and Tragedy- Strange Fruit (the “When Doves Cry” of Hip-Hop. Notice there’s no bassline? Gives it an ill, eerie vibe. Play this only at night. LATE at night.)

    Honorable Mention: Pete and CL-Back on the Block (the remix, the one with the Vince Montana sample. Smooth and hard at the same time.)

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