Ali Shaheed Muhammad Talks Drum Layering & Neve

11 thoughts on “Ali Shaheed Muhammad Talks Drum Layering & Neve”

  1. idk that might be a little harsh…the interviewer definitely overstepped a few times though. he may have been starstruck…crate kings should go a little deeper into the neve vs. ssl topic

    • neve especially old school neve = Rock SSL=hip hop and pop but in reality everyone uses a dcon etc and with clasp tape is going out the window also. I cant wait to get my hands on that with bass on 8ips guit on 33 all in the same session ??? shit is crazy.

      • IThere is no right or wrong when it comes to what kind of outboard gear you choose. SSL and Neve both have distinct qualities and it is all a matter of preference.

  2. I remember this guy interviewing Pete Rock back in December 2010, he is probably the single most annoying dude I’ve ever heard. Bit to keen and makes a plum of himself with his questions.

    Would love to hear more on the NEVE subject though.

  3. if you guys haven’t seen the Bob Power red bull interview that gives a brilliant insight into the ATCQ sound.Super creative group & brilliant engineer.

    this interviewer is just terrible, more u tube garbage DELETE PLEASE!

    • At 3:00 he got real when he was talkin about Hood on that remix of Scenario. That was deep. Otherwise, interviewer should def keep his mouth shut and let the man talk.

  4. For me the best sound setup goes like this:

    Best Pre-Amps – Neve
    Best Knobs(board) – SSL
    Best Tape Machines – Studer
    Best Monitors(for mixing) – Yamaha

    • I think it all comes down to taking chances and dope engineers. haha Back when engineers gave a record character. So seldomly, nowadays, do we hear of an engineer getting props.

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