Peanut Butter Wolf On Donuts, Super Duck Breaks, Other Vinyl Stories

Peanut Butter Wolf runs through a stack of Stones Throw vinyl while reminiscing about such projects as My Vinyl Weighs A Ton, Jaylib, Donuts, Ode to the Ghetto, and Super Duck Breaks.

Peanut Butter Wolf also tells some of the more intimate details surrounding J Dilla’s death, sudden press interest after Dilla’s passing, and Ma Dukes’ current financial situation.

Notable Quote:
"Before we put this out [Donuts], we were sending it to the press and trying to get people to write about it and nobody was interested in interviewing Dilla, nobody was interested in anything.  Then after he passed away, every newspaper, every magazine, everybody was calling us to talk to us about Dilla."

161 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Wolf On Donuts, Super Duck Breaks, Other Vinyl Stories”

  1. I said it before no one gave a ish bout Dilla till he pass he wasn’t even at his peak went he pass R.I.P.
    Funny thing I just finish playing Oh No ~ PBW Dilla & Rocc C

    JayLib Champion Sound is back in stock @ fatbeat a must have !!

  2. That’s what a few of us said in an earlier post, and then someone stated that we were “pissing on his grave”. It’s sad though that you have to die to become of greater value. All those publishers wanted was sales since dilla was now (then) “the big talk of the net”

  3. Did anyone catch that? His own mother cant make money off his name. It would go to an estate and to the government. It is so important to have your business straight. We plan for career, life, family, etc. You have to plan for death or the Gov will get all your lifelong blood, sweat, and tears. ESTATE PLANNING! It breaks my heart and makes me angry that his MA Dukes can’t make money off of her own son name.

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