Open Labs iPhone Beatmaker w/ Neko Demonstration

Open Labs quickly demos iPhone’s Beatmaker software alongside with the Timbaland Special Edition Neko.  It’s interesting to watch them load Beatmaker with sound patches workstation, record a pattern, then export an audio wav back into the Neko Reaper sequencer for further manipulation.

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  1. Despite the stale beat he put together, the Niko makes my loins quiver, usually my gear lust is more or less on the old Roger Linn’s and Moog’s – but that thing is really nasty. The touch screen along with complete interface is what gets me, since when I go to a session with my MPC i usually have to bring a laptop AND an interface with me. This folds it up in a gully package, though for 5k I’ll be waiting patiently for someone to walk by with it one day.

  2. That Neko TSE is pretty fuckin hard! I got cubase on my mac but I would love a Neko TSE though! That thing will fix my life, I know it! Anyways I agree with deviate, I’m ready to knock a muhfucka over for tis one!

  3. This neko is obviously dope, but I would challenge any one of these neko producers to go head to head with Premier on his mpc. You can give a mediocre artist an amazing set of brushes and paints and he’ll come up with something nice, but give a true artist a little peice of charcoal and he’ll draw you a masterpeice, guaranteed. This thing still looks cool as fuck though and I want one immediately.

  4. Word up Benjamino about making a masterpeice out of charcoal. The Neko is super hot and the beatphone app for iPhone is legit! Cop either and have some good times.

  5. Seriously? What’s up with these people at open labs? This is probably the biggest scam out there. It’s a freaking PC? Nothing new… Reaper is a shit program…. And what’s the cool thing with be able to put a stereo file from your iPhone to a PC? It’s a big joke people….

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