N.E.R.D. Lists Their Favorite Producers

227 thoughts on “N.E.R.D. Lists Their Favorite Producers”

  1. Homeboy said Pete Rock. Why did y’all leave P.R. out? Come on don’t list everyone else and not The Chocolate Boy Wonder. That ain’t right……

  2. theres so many good producers out there that i doubt they can rmember all of them when asked on the spot to “name your fav”..

  3. Every single time I see a list of someone’s favorite producers, it’s always the same people (every single time!) on the list.. Seriously?.. Who doesn’t know the top 10?.. 25.. 50.. 100.. whatever…. I want to see a list of “The best producers that no one has ever heard of”. I think it’s great that Pete Rock, Rza, Primo, Dre, etc. get their mention/credit. Guys like that changed the planet, I GET IT – I freakin get it, ok. I learned alot about production, just by hearing them speak in interviews. I love what they’ve done. I’m not saying we should ignore their place in musical history. Don’t think for one second that anyone, especially me, is trying in any way to be disrespectful. They paid their dues. We’ve all listened to all their stuff! ONLY ONE NAME though, Christian Rich, didn’t ring a bell for me. I have never heard of Christian Rich before now. I’d like to think that the underdogs deserve mention too. If I were asked for a “favorites” list, I would list ‘unknown’ producers. Patr00, Ortega Cartel, The Jonesz, Lotus & Troy Dunnit, MaDDMaNN, Kevin Manthei…. How many people here listened to Ortega Cartel’s LAVORAMA? North Star was insane.

    • I agree about Christian Rich. Never heard of him. Maybe we SHOULD start having a favorite “known” producers list & a favorite “unknown” list!

  4. Everyones got their own influences reguardless if its the same people or not. These dudes are veterans so you would expect them to name those producers. I think what Im tryn to say is. relax bro. its not that serious. lol

  5. Did anyone notice when dude mention Just and Timb Pharrel look down like why you mention them dudes… Maybe I’m just buggin tho.

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