Adrock Says “Beastie Boys Was The First Sample Lawsuit”

Propellerhead serves up a gem with deleted scenes from their interview with Adrock of the Beastie Boys. Adrock tells the story of buying his first drum machine, a Roland TR-808, with $250, discovering LL Cool J, creating pause tapes, the rise of the Beastie Boys, and being sued by The Jimmy Castor Bunch for their use of “Hey Leroy”.

Well, the other things is that I kind of discovered LL Cool J

We didn’t really call it sampling.

That’s what I believe or that’s what I’ve been told that Beastie Boys was the first sample lawsuit.

713 thoughts on “Adrock Says “Beastie Boys Was The First Sample Lawsuit””

  1. he’s talking about the first artist to be sued for sampling..

    btw…i thought Biz was the first to get taken to court for sampling.??

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