Marco Polo & Torae: One Producer, One Album

After discussing his training as an audio engineer and decision to relocate to New York, Marco Polo and Torae offer tips for aspiring producers and MC’s along with insight into the recording of their album Double Barrel.

As an MC I think it’s difficult because you kinda want to find you own sound.  And crafting albums, you’re gonna be tempted to work with all the hot producers, but I think it’s almost more productive to find one producer and do a whole album with them. – Marco Polo

Stay tuned for Marco Polo and Ruste Juxx’s album The eXXecution dropping March 23rd.

696 thoughts on “Marco Polo & Torae: One Producer, One Album”

  1. these cats don’t want one producer . they wanna get free beats from sound click. smoke weed and want you to record for free.

  2. This guy speaks the truth. I miss the old days when people had their OWN sound. Thats how IMO classics are made. Wheres the character if some guy can get any style of beat he wants?

  3. @ yassir exactly . I believe better records could be made today if they would spend 90% of thier recording budget for thier project on 1 producer for the whole album instead of 90% on a single and split the other 10% on the rest of the producers on the album. Its not the internet thats hurting the industry its the industry thats hurting the industry.

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