Marco Polo Makes A Beat w/ Vinyl, MPC, Software Synths

Marco Polo returns to lab to further demonstrate and explain the concepts behind his construction of individual track elements such as bass lines and drums, MPC2000XL pad layout, and use of software based synthesizers. Much respect to Marco Polo for taking the time to explain some of the finer points behind drum loops, proper use of enhancing add-on sounds, and controllers.

Go grab Marco Polo and Ruste Juxx’s album entitled eXXecution on iTunes!

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  1. I always dig Marco Polo beatmaking vids. Couldn’t tell though what software synth he was using, but I’m definitely gonna look into the mpd looks more heavy in the vid than its ads portray. Hardware definitely ain’t dead.
    What Marco said about embracing software is similar to what a lot of respected beatmakers that make sense are saying. Nevertheless, a progressive movement in technology and sound has been moving regardless of what anybody said or felt about it.
    BB$. Work. Play.

  2. I always love Marco Polos vids. Real informative and always keeps it moving.

    And those drums sounded HARD. Mmm, I love a tasty break like that.

  3. dope! Yo marko be hitting the cancer sticks big time. 🙂 dope as hell, marko come witht he heat all the time.

  4. I love this site and appreciate all the love and talk about good music. The software synth I was triggering via the MPD was the MiniMonsta virtual moog. It’s pretty good. But really, I rarely compose beats using synth’s. I depend on them mostly for sounds and effects. peace!

  5. i love an MPC that actually looks like it’s got some miles on it. probably told a million stories. shit sounds good to me.

  6. Thats the best beat video Ive seen in awhile… Marco’s videos always go in depth which I love… He’s one of the few keepin this movement alive!! DOPENESS!!!

  7. yo, anyone know (marco, feel free to chime in) why and for what reason he is using the Roland VS 880? Is he running the turntables through that to audition and the pro tools sessions as well? Is it just for monitoring? I have mine collecting dust and was wondering if there is any reason to break it out and put it to practical use. peace

  8. Love watching vids like this. Informative and motivationg, not that stupid interview crap that most people don’t care about.

  9. Marco! You hooked up with Rusty Juxx! The sound is definitely there, I like it. I was at a rusty juxx video shoot a whiiiilllee back, it was at a bar, I never got to see it. Its dope to see two artist you know of, link up and hear the chemistry. He sounded perfect on that track, it was definitely for him. Shuck wattup! I see ya’ll, happy 15th!

  10. The Roland VS880 mixer y’all see is STRICTLY for playback/monitoring purposes. Nothing is used in that, EVER. Just so I can have my stereo outs of pro tools and MPC rocking at the same time. I’m always down to do more video’s like this but only if y’all tell me what you’d like to see. Has to get better each video or no point. peace.

  11. Yo Marco, Keep making your music bro we love it down in New Zealand, we keep it bangin on the daily. Bootcamp Click and Marco Polo 2011? would be so ill bro haha. As or the video, maybe recording a MC if you still do that at your studio?, or mixing down a beat from the MPC?. I duno man anything would be great.peace

  12. Yo Marco You Or Somebody Should Make Videos About Other Producers With Their Methods Like “Beat Kings” But More In Depth And Better. Make Like A Whole Series Like With Jake One, Statik Selektah, Premier, The Alchemist, Ant, 9th Wonder, Etc… And Of You Of Course. I Think J. Cole Should Make A Beat Makin Video He Makes Some Dope Beats I Jus Found Out That He makes Beats. They have All These Hood Dvd Or Smack Or Blockstar etc… They Need Something For Producers! I Would But I Dont Know Anybody!

  13. This dude seems cool, i’m definitely gonna check more for his sh*t. That one remix he did for Large Professor was fiyah. I’ll say it again, i love when hip-hop dudes don’t come off as ignorant.
    Great video.

  14. why only boom bap I would say one of the best in hip-hop right now! same level as 9th Wonder, Alchemist. It’s all about good music and best sound quality You can get from Your equipment. Marco rock rock rock on!

  15. He knows how to pick his samples ‘ dude marco knows what sounds hot ! i like watching marco make beats cause he seems to keep everything simple like anyone can do it. That beat was crazy too ! Where can we get that album again.

  16. Hey Marco, are you using the NI Maschine? I was leaning towards buying one and was wondering if you could give me your overall take on it. As far as an idea for an upcoming video (obviously we all still want to see you making beats in the lab), but maybe you could show us footage of A beat listening session with an artist or even footage of you and the artist working on a track together. And I’m still blastin Double Barrel and makin copies and passin it around!!

  17. marco don’t owe you haters anything. he ain’t your teacher he put this clip up here so you can cop that new album. i wouldn’t show you losers anything either ! … naw im just playing lol

  18. Much respect Marco. Your music is inspiring in an era filled with complete nonsense; your shit just keeps on pushin it!

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