Life In Vinyl: Live In 315 (Crate Digging Profile)

1,109 thoughts on “Life In Vinyl: Live In 315 (Crate Digging Profile)”

  1. What the hell, that was the most depressing shit ever. That dude probably just makes females dry up when he steps in the room. Hey, ain’t nothing wrong with owning a hardware store. Go ask Arthur Blank.

    Question: Mr. Editor, why did you include the shot of him wiping the snot on his nose with the back of his hand. That was gross and bizarre. If that guy had any chance of getting laid, that killed it.

    • Hey Jake, that’s Ms. Editor to you. And no, I didn’t dry up. Maybe you should be open to more types of people and the things they go through.

  2. Is that his parents car? The big George “W’ Sticker on the back! He’s afraid of being alone…. then go out! Pathetic!

  3. This video is dope. Dude doesn’t care about following bogus societal norms & is not afraid to open up about his fears etc. People need to wake up & make their own path. Do what you love to do not what you’re “supposed” to do. I can definitely relate to this cat. & I get plenty of pussy.

  4. This was the most pathetic Depressing shit I’ve seen on here. Wow! I’m turning off my computer now. Bye.

  5. Dear Jake,
    You are an ass hole and you are the guy that is not getting laid. I loved this video! Good Job Janna! Jake go fuck yourself because you we know you won’t be getting it from anyone else. Just because your life sucks does not mean you have to bring other people down.

  6. WOW. . . As Crate digger/DJ and a proud lover of all things vinyl I can diffinly see DJ Dan Himmelsbach point of view .
    In this day and age most people world wide ( and I’m sorry to say some DJ’s as well ) are lost when it comes to the ART of collecting VINYL
    I’m totally loving the fact that the video was shot in black & white . . . NICE TOUCH .
    ( keep doing the dayum thing “Janna” and if you talk to Dan anytime soon pls give him my thanks for putting me up on the Hubert Laws record @ 1:01 in the video . . . I’m on my way to the store now to cop the record . )

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