DJ Qbert Compares NI Traktor vs Serato Scratch

589 thoughts on “DJ Qbert Compares NI Traktor vs Serato Scratch”

  1. I have to say that I use Tracktor and I experienced some mayor problems during performances in clubs. Tracktor had problems recognizing the control vinyl or had problems switching to vinyl mode etc… It worked well but I don’t had the feeling that I can rely on it. Friends of mine use Serato and they say its reliable. At the end you want a system that you can count on. On the performance side they are both well, I guess.

  2. I think that’s was a good comparison. I personally (again personally) prefer the Serato Scratch Live and that’s only because I have used this product since it was released so I guess that’s what Im used too. I know that Tracktor is a very serious DJ program. Ive used it a few times but not enough to make a switch. It’s not the tools…Its how you use ’em. Thats whats up! Big up to both products.

    • word, i’ve heard that when ppl make the switch from serato to traktor they’re quite overwhelmed by the depth of it.

  3. Not a good comparison at all. The reason he is having those issues with Serato is because his SSL is not calibrated to those needs.

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