Large Professor, Pete Rock, DJ Premier At Brooklyn Bowl

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  1. Those three, Large Pro, Pete Rock, & Premier need to do an all star album featuring nothing but their production! I don’t know who should be on it spittin’, but that’s something I’d like to see! Large Pro had it right like he said in Scratch mag before it went out of publication, just look for him every year because he will have some production credits for something, somewhere! Glad to see that the “cornerstones” of hip hop are STILL puttin’ it in! Great stuff! I love it!

    • Thats a great idea and maybe Nas should be the MC? Wait a minute…

      Ha , but all jokes aside, it needs to be done again. Saying that, Nas’s current beat selection is a joke.

      • Yeah bruh, it’s something I’d love to see! Just like a Kings of Comedy line-up except its hip hop style! I agree with the comment on Nas’ beat selection lately too!

        • Without sounding condescending, you do know Illmatic features the three mentioned producers as well as QTip? – what a line up! But like i said is does need to be done again. Its a shame certain rappers have let their egos and agendas take over them.

          Do you make beats or rap yourself?

  2. Its crazy that they DJ to get that tour money. None of them have like a solid producer/artist album relationship. Their production is awesome but no one is touching Pete Rock. They need to bring back Fat Joe, Jay-Z, Nas, Buckshot, KRS-One, Kool G Rap, etc… by making that old school Hip-Hop with a new school twist!

  3. i love the interviews, i love it even more because they all seem alittle drunk, and if that is true, she and they, did a great interview under those circumstances!!!!!

  4. to be relevant as hiphop producers for 20 plus years when many have fallen is amazing and should be respected to the fullest. there needs to be a hiphop honors for just them three. pete rock and premier being on the radio every friday at the same time in the same building and right next to each other is so slept on its ridiculous.

  5. The Evil D interview is one of the best and dopest interviews ive ever seen or heard!
    That chick interviewin is realy dope , and gives the interview a homie vibe..

    Thank you Semantik.

  6. I agree with Sinosure – All-star collabo please. Big ups to Evil Dee. This was a really great interview.

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