King of The Beats 4 f/ Ed Strong, Tha 4orce, Solomon Caine

Director/event organizer Pritt Kalsi offers all production fans a full viewing of his film King of The Beats 4, which took place live at London’s Vibe Bar on February 27th, 2010.   The event featured producer/beatmakers Ed Strong, Tha 4orce, Solomon Caine, and  Kewba Dagreat.

It’s important just to represent.  It’s not even about winning.  It’s just about expressing yourself and letting people hear what you’re doing. – Solomon Caine

Head over to King of The Beats website for more info about past films and upcoming events.

[Thanks Slick Nick!]

2,604 thoughts on “King of The Beats 4 f/ Ed Strong, Tha 4orce, Solomon Caine”

  1. yo this film is sick! can i enter? is this the same guy from that one in big daddy magazine back in 2000?

  2. Dope concept for the beat battle. This makes it more interesting than the average, “Play your beats and I play mine” shit. Give everybody the same amount of dough, go diggin and make it happen! IMO, 4orce got it in (although he won). I felt his drums were harder and the samples/song was sequenced better than the comp. Honestly I would rather get some dough for winning but I would spend it on vinyl anyway so I guess it wouldn’t matter. Good shit.

  3. you know whats funny, is that people love the concept but its been running since 1997, long before any other better more well known beat your reserch and youll find out that this guy, and king of the beats was the founders and creaters of the beat battles, its just only really hardcore, hardcore people new this, ask premo, beatnuts and the likes of lord finesse.

    there was an orignal film made long before there was deep crates, beat kings . scratch the movie and all them. its out there but to have the full version you had to go and dig for it. ive been following p for a long time..and i dont even have a copy of the original.

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