Just Blaze’s Notable Baseline Studios Memories

1,099 thoughts on “Just Blaze’s Notable Baseline Studios Memories”

  1. pretty boring interview! WHy the heck are they breaking this into episodes? He’s just sitting in a room talking about events that happened without releasing any specific info (names, events, etc) blah.

  2. Hmm the memories sure are deeeeeep in that mothafucka, and no it wasnt Sai. That shit happened over 8 years ago. My fave memory at Baseline was Jay recording Best of Both Worlds in like a week, earning the phrase “the 60 second assassin” forreal. Dude was coming up with whole songs in 3 minutes flat (3 verse records). Plus when Just did “You Dont Know”?! Holy shiiiit! Shitty palms indeed.

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