Just Blaze’s Advice To New Producers

Just Blaze tells of his move from DJ’ing to interning and production, gives advice to up and coming producers, and reveals his favorite personal productions.

“There are a lot more people than you realize as far as A&R’s and other producers and managers that are out there on the internet looking for dudes… just don’t piss them off.”

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  1. There’s no money in Hip-Hop anyway when someone like MOP can only move 2000 copies, and that’s with a fairly solid product. The gravy train is over.

    Want to bang three notes on a keyboard over 808s? Join the other 10,000 Fruity Loop users out there who ‘make beats.’

  2. just blaze says there’s alot of a&r’s and producers on the internet lookin for stuff .where they at ?? and how do you not piss them off ? i mean i know where the liars and bullshitters are lol I was promised a few tracks on JAKE RECORDS BEATS FOR BALLERS vol 2 digital beatmakin cd download . We had a great relationship online and emailing back and forth so i thought.He told me how my beats were hot and how he all but guaranteed me at leat 2 or 3 of my tracks going on it .he even said when it was gonna be released . to make a long story short i believed it like a dummy .next thing i know just stopping by the site the cd was already out ! i was like damn dog you aint hafto lie about that.he wasn’t even man enough to give me some kind of explanation (not saying he had to or i was entitled).i was dampered by that experience.I ain’t emailed nobody anything since.I know ya’ll saying move on Traxx but I really thought it was a start even though there were no credits involved 🙁

  3. Tip to all producers there isnt any money in hip hop anymore. do pop & r&b and hip hop on the side.

    i love hip hop too but hip hop loop samples aint gon support my fam

    plus who wouldnt wanna be in the studio with beyonce

  4. Get a 9 to 5 and hope that allows you to fund your music as far as buying equipment to even the make beats. Hip-hop doesn’t sell cuz there’s too many copy cats these days. Everybody has done just every damn style and trend. It’s almost play-out to call yourself a hip-hop producer.

  5. It has nothing to do with using FL Studio. Get that out of your heads folks. Sell 1,000 beats for $50 a pop. Do the math fellas. In today’s standards, quantity defeats quality, which I know sounds like a bunch of BS. But I’ve seen cats on RocBattle put up 100 mediocre beats for $5 a piece and some how generate consistent sales with effective marketing and advertising strategies. Mainly the “go to”producers are still gettin’ an average of $500-$1,000 per beat and that’s like hard to do every day if your not a “go to” industry producer. Also keep your 9 to 5. A little bit of success doesn’t mean you should just drop your responsibilities to make beats on your mom’s computer all day.

  6. you do music to generate money???? wtf, i don’t really know any producer who started making music because of the money!!!!! no one is like: ” yeah, i wanna be a millionaire and have thirty bitches, hmm….. let’s make music!!”
    you won’t have succes that way, well you propably will but then you are just another “pop-shitty” kind of artist. forgotten after the first album.

    do it with love!

  7. Crupone, tell that to somebody who has to feed their kids and who hustles weed, cocaine or works at wal-mart or taco bell everyday.

  8. just blaze is t arrogant in my opinion ,i read his myspace with all his rules he has,im like dude when you where nothing you wanted big producers to check ya shit outtoo,now you said on y space no i wont listen to your music cause its sux?damn when i read that shit i was like ok this dude can loop mostly so i stops fucking with him,aint he now producing for underground cats again?pretty strange sinds he worked with major artist?you would think he fell off

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