J-Zone Breaks Down Cassette Tape Collecting

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  1. this is guy is, in my opinion, the coolest guy in hip hop.
    he came to my home town – chapel hill, nc – in 2005 and rocked a club with only twenty or so people in it. he was a natural performer, and he was funny as hell.
    the guy has no stupid hip-hop ego – he just likes fresh rhymes and dope beats. he showed up in a fake fur coat and rockin timbs. he has songs about wearing fake jewelry so that it doesn’t matter if you get robbed, and another was about dancing with a girl in a club only to realize she’s fugly when the lights come on. this is the kind of shit we need right now. why is everyone taking themselves so seriously, or trying to be so hard? the whole angle he brought to shit was completely refreshing.

  2. J,I have to disagree with you on the iPod argument. I have just as many cassettes as you`ve shown in your collection(maybe more) but I rock my ipod to PRESERVE my cassettes and cd`s. I listen to too many songs to walk around with a walkman or a cd player anymore. I respect your love for cassettes and the vinly,but when I`m not cutting or making beats,I have to listen on an iPod. And if you have all this music,you can put it on iTunes for your own collection. The iPod just makes it that much more easier to enjoy my collection of music,that`s all.

  3. I respect dude, and where he’s coming from. But actually, alot of the stuff he named, you can find on iTunes. lol. I still got a few cases of cassettes but much more vinyl.

  4. “ipods are for women at the gym doing cardio” 🙂 right on!
    say it like it is brother! tapes rule! old school baby!
    gimme me some tape hiss!
    digital = no balls!

  5. You sound really stupid homie, transfer your tapes to mp3. Im old school too i get having a collection thats dope, but not using an ipod cuz all new music is wack (i agree) just load it up with all that dopeness from the old school.

    • I prefer to transfer dope old school radio mixes in mp3-format that I discovered online to tape to make them sound BETTER! 🙂
      There is no sense in transfering analogue stuff to a digital media because some day your digital data will be lost.

  6. J’s the dude!! Now a days anyone can make a joint with their computer and some software and make a mp3 and spread it on the internet (like I have been trying to do -LOL) alot of the stuff on the internet is dime-a-dozen stuff, so I feel what J is saying because it takes more to come out with a tape (and I have to add vinyl). Don’t get me wrong I love the computer and how it makes creating easier but there’s something I miss with tape decks, pause buttons, the smell of Maxell/TDK tapes fresh out the plastic wrap, the VU meters pumping into the +3 mark, the LEDs just hitting the red, and trying to time everything so it fits in 45 minutes on each side.

  7. Dopeness. love people that take another route in life, its the little things that do it..
    If I ever meet a girl rockin tapes instead of an Ipod..? Damn yall be invited to my wedding..

  8. Wow, i always wondered what happened to H.W.A. lol.

    J-Zone is maad underrated man. In my opinion, one of the best sample-based producers out there.

  9. Oldschool ruled with toughness,self identity,quality,etc. Ipods do make things easier but what real man wants things easier.Get dusty,dirty,&
    hurt a little and stop being soft just so women will accept you.
    Weak women want weak guys and it’s proven each day. The media
    doesn’t promote aggressiveness. Doing what you want on manhood terms &
    not giving a damn what another sucka say is intelligent thug living.
    Rock that funky joint. Nuff style at the top of the pile.

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