Just Blaze vs Alchemist @ Red Bull Big Tune (Atlanta)

2,225 thoughts on “Just Blaze vs Alchemist @ Red Bull Big Tune (Atlanta)”

  1. Hey, what’s the name of the song at 3:30? I’ve heard it awhile back but don’t remember who did it or the song title. Someone, drop some knowledge!

  2. why didnt alchemist play the bangers, we gon make it, keep it thoro, mastermind, hold you down, get away, Surgical Gloves……..thats crazie, alchemist let him win!!

  3. alchemist ties with swizz beatz for being the wackest producer ever.

    ^ Killl urself

    Alchemist is a fuckin legend ur a sorry ass excuse for a hip hop fan

  4. @Akmed the Great

    Obviously doesn’t like HipHop at all if he thinks ALC is wack!!!! I love this HipHop shit ,beat battles now? Crazy!!!!! These dudes made some of the dopest records ever in Rap period

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