Scratch: The Ultimate DJ (Numark Controller Promo)

4,083 thoughts on “Scratch: The Ultimate DJ (Numark Controller Promo)”

  1. ive seen that Numark controller before, i actually thought it was supposed to become the controller for DJ Hero.
    Looks even sicker than DJ Hero’s controller. those MPC-pads are dope!
    I just got DJ Hero yesterday. def gonna buy this also in the future.
    games like this will bring a lot of exposure to equipment used in hiphop i think.

    also i feel like DJ Hero is actually a good ‘extra practice’ for real DJs, you do a lot of DJ-like moves on it and timing skills.

  2. When will these adverts for these so called ‘scratch and dj’ games actually give an audio example of what the game is capable of????
    Not just some MTV interlude section…
    is it because their all probably gonna be wack…..?

    Buy a real fucking turntable, you can probably get a 2nd hand techincs or similar for the amount this shit will be.
    And i dont care if MMM or whoever else is endorsing it. I think they must be on some c.r.e.a.m shit.

  3. Giving exposure to ‘the equipment used in hip hop’ is not a good thing.
    Hip hop is being diluted enough without this.
    Too many bandwagon jumpers with their bootleg copy of FL Studio already.
    The real heads will get into beat making and deejaying regardless of this.

  4. Get off of FL Studio and things of that nature.Anything to help hip hop further itself is good. Everybody can`t afford MPC`s and high end studio equiptment,so they get out thier inspirations on anything they can. That`s what hip hop was built on. Making something from nothing.

  5. Naw its true, its way to diluted…P.B. is on point!
    its fine to have FL and Dj Hero but thats not what hip hops about, u gota just stop buyin weed and get an mpc or use ur friends or build with ur peeps in a positive manor and use there stuff and that don’t happen with this new stuff, its cool to have but its just not the real deal no way no how

    real rec real

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