Just Blaze Recreates & Remixes The A-Team Theme

535 thoughts on “Just Blaze Recreates & Remixes The A-Team Theme”

  1. I hope part II is him makin’ a straight up hip-hop slapper out of the sample…I hear some special things with that sample that he could do with his access to musicians and what not. This is cool though…always nice to get an inside look into the mind of a legend…

  2. Every single instrument you hear in there has been replayed and reprogrammed individually.

    ^ is that suppose to impress me? lmaoo nah…

  3. ahaha peep 1:02 where he says “a huge trombone section” then come the alarm clock horns.

    I’m not a hater but this is pop music at it’s worst.

  4. whats the point of the studio? hes using midi logic instruments and a m-box. its like a first year audio college midi assignment or something. Wack.

  5. why did everything hafto be replayed ? they didn’t replay james brown . i don’t knock it but i dont get it either.

  6. was that video a joke?is that the same guy that made u dont know?as a huge just fan im very disapointed.first live your life,then all the above,now this?98% of the people that visit this site would of made fire out of that theme song.

  7. Hold Up……..Did this nigga just do Baltimore club music?

    WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!??!?!

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