Jermaine Dupri Track Submission Opportunity

Not much in terms of technical info, but it looks like JD and Q  are accepting track submissions by email.  I know many of you are holding heat, so it might not be a bad idea to throw some fire their way. 

As with all business endeavors, make sure you take appropriate measures to protect your intellectual property.

Send submissions to:

Make sure to tell them Crate Kings sent ya!

976 thoughts on “Jermaine Dupri Track Submission Opportunity”

  1. Yo whats good! Its your boi Miami im from a group we call Raw Talent. I sent an email yesterday but gave the wrong Email. I believe we can bring some freshness to the game. We are willing to work day and night to get this poppin. Just a couple of artist from different part of the east together it kind of like an East Coast Connection. Raw Talent consists of myself Miami from Miami Florida, my brother Stylez who comes from Brownsville New York, and our R&B singer Jay Holmes from South Crack. We need this, music is the only thing we got left in the struggle. So if you could atleast hit me back at my email to let me us know there really is a chance we would really appreciate it. Holla at you Boi Miami, Raw Talent 4 Life. Its more than a group We are Family.

  2. What it is bossman? I don’t belive in beatin around the bush. So imma juss get to it. Im born in Brownsville NY. 22 years ago. Man i have been recording since the age of 13 and i have been writing since 11. Im in a group we call Raw Talent, and thats juss What we are going to bring to da table. It’s me Feriuos Stylez, my brother Miami, and our RnB singer j. Holmes. Music is all we have, and im not speaking for me im speakin for Raw Talent. As a whole we are more than a band we are a family. And thats wat we are looking for a family. Everybody go through struggles, you yourself has been there so im asking, we asking for a chance to get out the struggle juss like you did. Give Raw Talent a shot.And i promise we won’t miss. Raw Talent,more than music, its a lifestyle.

  3. appreciate all the hot music being made by all artists because we are all as one in hip hop and need to stick together as a people this is 08 so this thang is for Obama ya feel me anybody wanna comment my ears is open on any asspects of anything jus hit me back by email epecially about how yall feel on that Soulja Boy vs Ice T issue too son duces and God bless errbody

  4. Hey J&Q,

    Check me out I’m 10 1/2 from the Bayarea I hope u guys really get this message and you are able to checkout my music. I’m just trying to show my potential for my age and I love to perform I like to record in the studio. I wanna be a star not only in music, sports, acting, and modeling clothes and designing them. Well thanks for your time!!!

  5. man look i dont care if this is real or hungry.i want my music 2 get out there and im gonna try every way possible 2 so that.i love music of all kinds and i just want mine 2 be heard ya digg.they say dudes from baltimore dont have the right sound for hip hop.i want 2 be the first 2 proove them whoever is reading this.check out my page and at least tell me what u think if not tryna get rich over nite.just tryna improove my flow until my big moment come.check it out and get back at me.i’ll appreciate it. RED-HOT THE NEXT BEST THING FROM BALTIMORE.

  6. Look on some real 1hunet shit me n my boy Breeze got dat fire but we dont make beats. I aint gon be on no Bull like da rest of these cats so if we can send a track in and get signed or get a min of yo time den fucks wit us (313)736-1355 on da real no bullshit.

  7. im confused i thought we just sent tha 16 bars and showed up to tha battle now im finding out its alot more and i done got coked and ready wit lava so am i right bout just sending tha bars and coming somebody let me know somthin all i need is in SO much ima issue out my cell on here somebody incharge that can let me know somthin PLEASE hit me and let me know somthin 281 605 0969, u can call blocked i dont care

  8. I cant even find how to do the 16 bars on the website. I read the directions and everything step by step but im not gettin’ anywhere I got kids ta feed email me and let me kno so you can hear fiya you cant put out…Passion

  9. damn tha devil or tha cops musta knew i was gone do my damn thang and i thank it was both but my fault i wasnt there if i was yall woulda knew i got loked up and couldnt get out in time FUK

  10. Man im not like da rest of da ppl on here with all dis contract and record label talk im just a regular cat out da hood lookin for a cance now yeah i fel im da ish but im sayin u gotta cuz if u dont who will but i feel like im really whats missin from hip hop cuz im an entertainer who can rap i say cuz i been dancin since i was 5 and i started rappin bout 03 and just feel in love with hip hop from there but thats not da reason i feel im whats missin its because even dou records are sellin hip hop is still dyin cuz ppl might not to admit it but they do forget where they come from when they make it not sayin everybody cuz there are a good bit of rappers who remember there roots but alot of em still fall victim to da gimick life style like da hood only bout killin sex and drugs yeah it makes hot music but its like u sound like last man dat talked about dat dude like wayne said where is your originallity u are so fake but im here if u want da real D B Fresh signin out get at me

  11. I’m just a cool nigga out of Decatur, GA that wants to prove that Southern niggas can make more than club bangers…We was on some lyrical shit back when Outkast and Goodie Mob were running Atlanta, but now we on that bullshit…It’s niggas down here that can really spit that hit open mics and the whole nine, but all people want to here down here is that club shit…Take three minutes and listen to the illest nigga on the Eastside spit some real shit

  12. Yo…my son is hott, and yes I do write some of his lyrics, im his mom, but he needs to be put on the map..People aint checking for AZ though…someone from the label get me. Hes 11, and he has what it takes. Money is tight!!!!

  13. My friend from work Brienne Moore gave her two weeks notice to go on tour. Her last day is 01-23-09. She is on her way check her website she is awesome

  14. It’s your boy Rease all the way from Durbz if you wana a piece of the cake check out my brand new uploads on ma Facebook now and tell me wat you think about my track’s?

    Let’s make it even more interesting…………Rate the track’s out of 10
    on facebook @ rease anam jackson

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